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Have you ever tasted Serbia? Have you inhaled the magnificent scents characteristic only for Serbia? If you have- you will want to taste it and smell it once again. If you have not- do so! If you do not know how, a pleasant stay in restaurant Trpeza will help you. .

You will probably want to make some of the meals that have been made in this country since old days yourself. Serbian grandmothers, mothers, aunts...have made them. They learned that skill, craft and recipes from their ancestors. And so, this miraculous “trpeza” as we call it, will bring you back to those good old days when food was ground, prepared and cooked the different way. Meals in it carry their old patina; some were forgotten long time ago, and some of them can still be found in households and ethno restaurants sticking to gourmand tradition of fabulous tastes.

We call those meals traditional, national Serbian meals. Others believe that they belong to some other national cuisines. Fortunately, all of them are right.

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