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VERTEX toolroom deals only with
construction and tool making by order

¤ We produce ¤

¤ tools for plastic injection
¤ tools for wax models for micro molding
¤ tools for tin cutting and shaping
¤ tools for blacksmithing
¤ models and tools, molds for free metal casting
¤ tools for tire repairing
¤ forms for vacumization
¤ complex mechanical parts and prototype parts
¤ special parts
¤ mechanical spare parts by and out of standards

¤ Tools developing, projecting and producing are made by contemporary CAD/CAM programs on CNC and classical machines by 2D, 3D drawings or patterns.

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cnc millers
CNC milling
construction design
machine industry
mechanical parts
metal industry
tool construction
tool fabrication 
tool fabrication
tool room
tools and machines
tools for plastic injection
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"Strugovi Potisje" Ada - 90 years of tradition and experience

Production of tool machines

* Universal lathes
* Universal - heavy lathes
* Heavy lathes with cyclic control FAGOR CNC
* Medium size lathes
* Special units for lathes
* Machine overhaul
* Services of machine processing

Lathes are the result of long years of experience and they possess all the essential characteristics of modern lathes.
Harmonious and strong construction, easy operation, built-in elements of best quality and conscientious finishing processing are their characteristics which classify these lathes in the highest class of its kind.

Heavy universal lathes

The massive, cast iron construction of the pedestals, the third prism and wide sliding surfaces provide this machine great stability and allow processing of workpieces of 5000-15000 kg, with a diameter of 1000-2000 mm, length up to 10000 mm.

Heavy lathes with CNC management

Heavy duty CM lathes enable precise processing in manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode. The programming is easy with a built-in processing cycles.

The lathes are produced in different sizes, for processing diameter of 1000-2000 mm, length of processing up to 10000 mm.

Medium-sized universal lathes

Lathes type "PA 30.35 - Morando" are the result of many years of experience. This category of machines is characterized by harmonious and strong construction and easy handling.

They are produced with a diameter for scraping of 610-700 mm, possible length of processing is 4000 mm.

This lathes are produced for working diameter to 700 mm, length to 4000 mm.

Special machines and special units for lathes

Special machines and special units of machines are made on the basis of specific technical requirements of the customers.

Machine overhauling

Repair, overhauling and reconstruction of the lathes is based on the customer`s requirements.

Machine processing services

Processing capacities allow the execution of doing services, and producing parts of machine tools based on the drawings of users.

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CNC lathes
heavy lathes
machine metal processing
machine processing
machine production and processing
machine tools
machine upgrade
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