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Reed the ordinary reed, Pharagmites Comunnis, is a plant which grows by itself in swamp areas. Its reserves is almost impossible to deplete: the "harvest" of the reed is done in winter time and even if it is completely cut off, it will grow again the following year in its whole length and quantity, but better quality.

It has been known for a long time that insects don`t attack the stalk of the reed, neither the products made of reed. During the procession of the reed, when the products get their form and firmness, no chemical binding materials are used, but, depending on the product, the stalks are bound together with a metal or plastic wire. For this reason, reed as a construction material, which is completely ecologically acceptable.

We are a firm which deals with cutting and processing of reed. We were founded in 1991, and from that time we have successfully functioned both in domestic and foreign markets.


Knitted reed "stucco"

Pressed reed blocks for isolation

Sunshades made of reed

Roofs made of reed

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