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Company Info
Rudić ulica 1.
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 024/532-678


  • Afrodita

service description:

Beauty salon "Toscana"

- cosmetics
- pedicure
- manicure
- massage, pilling, aromatherapy...
- solarium
- permanent make up

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cosmetics and hairdresser services
massage tables
permanent make up
Company Info ::::.
Nikole Grulovića 71e
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011 28 93 702
Fax: 011 30 46 462


  • Appiani
  • Arcom
  • Caleido
  • Casa Dolce Casa
  • Casamood
  • Cata
  • Catalano
  • Cerim
  • Cesana
  • CP Parquet
  • Effegibi
  • Fila
  • Flaminia
  • Floor Gres
  • Florim Slim
  • Gessa
  • Gessi
  • Hüppe
  • Jacuzzi
  • Mutina
  • Rex
  • Schlüter
  • Sicis
  • Silvadec
  • Stilla
  • Tarkett
  • Vogue

service description:


EURODOM is a family-run company that has been in the bathroom equipment trade for 20 years. The company was founded in 1995 as "Bathroom Trade". Since the beginning, the founders, Aćimović family, has endeavored to lay the foundation of trust, that the company enjoys today, first of all by high-quality products offer and good service.

The first 160 sqm, two-level ceramic tile showroom was opened in 1999 in Belgrade, 388, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra street. In 2004, Eurodom launched the second 160-sqm, two-level showroom in Belgrade, 16, Ruzveltova street, and since than the company has become not only a distributor of the renowned Italian bathroom equipment manufacturers but an importer as well.

Constant investments in the development of the company and the need to offer ever more to their clients and to provide them with ever better service, pushed the founders to launch in 2007 another showroom on 1000 sqm in Belgrade, 71, Nikole Grulovića 71e.

Beside a large number of architects and collaborators from the country and abroad, one of the guests at the Eurodom Showroom launch ceremony was Mr Paolo Pininfarina from the leading Italian design house Pininfarina. On that occasion he gave a short lecture on importance of the collaboration between designers and manufacturers in the process of creating products that satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Vast and well-organised central warehouse of Eurodom on 2400 sqm and a large stock of goods held by the company enable a fast and easy delivery in any part of the city.

Today, as it was 15 years ago, the core values of the company remained unchanged: full respect of clients and suppliers, provision of useful advice and help to clients, respect of agreed deadlines and high-quality service, the values followed by all employees in Eurodom. On account of that and under the guidance of a good management team, today Eurodom enjoys enormous trust among clients and collaborators and with good reason the company keeps the leading position in the bathroom trade.


Ruzveltova 16, Beograd
+381 11 38 09 543, 38 09 544
063/342956, 063/395134
e.mail: eurodom2@gmail.com

Nikole Grulovića 71e, Beograd
+381 11 34 74 713, 30 46 463
063/330833, 063/342849
e.mail: eurodom.hala@gmail.com

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Casa Dolce Casa
CP Parquet
Floor Gres
Florim Slim

 towel dryers
accessories for bathroom
bathroom equipment
bathroom equipment
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service description:

The company Nail Line Ltd. is engaged in the import and distribution of top quality equipment and materials for manicures, pedicures and nail extensions from the worlds most famous manufacturers. Some of our regular business associates are Essie, Konad, 2M beauty, Tesiltaglio and Janet.

We founded the company in 2002 with headquarters in Subotica. In the beginning, we were a small company with only 2 employees. Over time, as the demands of the market changed, a space opened up for the expansion of the product range and activities for our company as well. The turning point in the very dynamic development took place in 2007, when we started wholesale within our company.

Thanks to the fact that we directed our development towards a complete orientation towards customers and their needs, we managed to become one of the most successful companies on the domestic market in our branch.

The features of our business are flexibility, fast delivery times, friendliness and expertise of our employees.

We invite You to join the network of our satisfied customers.

We sell all necessary materials and equipment for casting and upgrade of artificial nails.

We offer a wide selection of appliences and furniture for manicure, pedicure, waxing and cosmetic treatments.

View our products here.

You can buy products via:
  • web shop: nailline.rs
  • Phone: 024/524-650, 024/527-779
  • email: naillinedoo@gmail.com
  • or come in person to our store at: Petra Drapšina 2A, 24000 Subotica, Serbia

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    2M beuty
Arco Cosmetici
Nail line
  • service description:

    „Mini Plast“ is a family company, which deals with plastics processing since 1983.

    In 1991, we acquired the technology of molding plastic with blown extrusion. Over the years, we have become specialists for this kind of plastic processing.


    Plastic pharmaceutical bottles and boxes
    Plastic canisters
    Plastic jars and small jars
    Plastic cosmetic boxes
    Plastic bottles with spray nozzles
    Bottles, jars, balloons and canisters
    Pharmaceutical packaging, PE bottles and boxes, bedpans and geese for sick people
    Packaging for cosmetics, bottles and boxes, powder bottles
    Packaging for cologne, bottles
    Packaging for chemical products, adhesives, temperas, inks...
    Packaging for chemical products, bottles for toners and bottles for oils
    A program of toys, bowls and balls
    Production of plastic packing material
    Production of other plastic products
    Equipment, pharmacy

    "Mini Plast" products is can buy at www.miniplast.co.rs

    bottles ... more at >>>

    canisters ... more at >>>

    boxes ... more at >>>

    jars ... more at >>>

    other ... more at >>>

    Sertifikati i kontakt ... more at >>>

    Mini Plast products is can buy at www.miniplast.co.rs


    Tel.: 022 310 235
    Tel./Fax: 022 310 236
    Mob.: 060 031 32 35

    Е-mail: miniplast.lekic@gmail.com

    22300 Stara Pazova, ul. Nikole Tesle br. 11

    PIB: 113232724
    PDV: 1022694
    MB: 21828432
    Bank account: 205-525770-95

    Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 17:00
    Saturday: 08:00 - 13:00
    Sunday: closed

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    archival product
blown packaging
cosmetic package
industry plastic packing 
package and packaging
package from plastic mass
packaging for cosmetic products
packaging for fragrances
packaging sale
packing for pharmacy trade
PE bottles
PE bottles and boxes
    Company Info ::::

    service description:

    ¤ Production of Professional Paper Goods ¤

    "Fibona" L.t.d. is a progressive company which deals with the production and sales of:

    ...detailes >>> Ubrusi

    ...detailes >>> toilet paper

    ...detailes >>> Eko natura program

    ...detailes >>> Papernet program

    ...detailes >>> Dispenzeri i držači - "KIMBERLY CLARK PROFESSIONAL"

    ...detailes >>> professional chemistry for cleaning - "Kleen Purgatis"

    ...detailes >>> sanitary equipment

    ...detailes >>> Vreće za smeće

    ...and many other products related to maintenance of hygiene of business premises

    "Fibona" L.t.d. was founded in 2009 and until now, thanks to its own production, we record a constant growth in sales of our products.

    Paper goods that we make are high quality, made of clear cellulose, and in our offer we also have the eco natural program, paper gained from recycled cellulose thread.

    Besides our production program, "Fibona" in its offer has sanitary equipment also, dispensers and professional cleaning chemicals for business areas and restrooms.

    "Fibona" d.o.o.

    Tel.: +381 60 440 11 14
    Fax: +381 11 408 18 61


    E-mail: fibonadoo@gmail.com
    E-mail: office@fibona.rs

    Zemun 11080, ul. Nikolaja Saltikova 44

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    adagolás folyékony szappan
air freshener
apparatus for paper towels
bags for trash
cleaning means
collapsible towels
community hygiene
complimentary toiletries
    Company Info ::::.
    Vase Stajića 25
    Novi Sad, 21100
    Tel.: 021/6614-664
    Fax: 021 421 892

    service description:


    Special controls for skin and venereal diseases - dermatitis, bacterial, viral infection of skin, allergies, acnes, rozacee and skin curing.

    Dermoscopy - Early recognition of melanom. Painless and non-invasive diagnostic method that is used for deeper and more accurate view of not clear changes on skin.

    Acne - inflammatory changes that are often seen on the facial skin during puberty, we treat it with the most advanced lasers, which have no side effects.

    Pimple - inflammatory skin changes, often seen on facial skin of teenagers, we treat it with lasers to neutralize inflammation and regenerate skin.

    Acupuncture - it works as needle method or we use laser to stimulate acupuncture points. We usually treat with acupuncture lumbago, migraine, weight loss...

    Atheroma - roundish formations localized under the skin, we remove them surgically with local anesthesia.

    Botox - used to control excessive sweating

    Cellulitis - it looks on the skin like "orange peel" on womens skin. There are different treating methods.

    Laser depilation - removal of color hair. Lasers do not damage the skin, it acts only on the hair roots which it ruins.

    Dermatology - treatment of dermatological and aesthetic problems

    Epilation with Lumenis Duet laser - it removes hair from the body and face permanently.

    Er Yag Fraxel laser - innovative and powerful method for removal of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles

    Facial skin aesthetic - rejuvenation, stimulation of collagen in the skin by various methods: with laser, radiowaves, with microdermabrasion...

    Physical medicine and rehabilitation - physical therapy treatment of pain in the spine, joints, muscles...

    Patches - we remove them with laser and radio waves (in the face, hands ...)

    Hemangioma - red skin lesions, we remove them with lasers which are operating red color: V beam, Nd Yag laser, radiowaves, surgical

    Capillaries - on the face and body we can remove with Nd Yag and V beam laser on several occasions.

    Collagen - lasers and radio waves have a direct effect on collagen and thus influence improves skin tone.

    Laser hair removal - with the latest diode laser Lumenis Light Sheer.

    Lifting - lifting of skin with laser and radio waves has a direct effect on wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin and slows aging.

    A new method of skin rejuvenation
    Elastic threads which are drawn through needles are injected into the skin and remain there. They initiate the origination of new collagen around them. This strengthens the skin tone, and that`s why those parts of the body are being treated like this where the skin isn`t tight enough. The effects of treatments last for 2 years or more, and may be combined with other methods of rejuvenation if necessary.

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 063 585 000, 

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aesthetic surgery
hair removal with LUMENIS Duet laser
laser epilation 
Light Sheer Duetlaser
Lumenis Duet laser   
Mezoniti - Skin Rejuvenation
plastic surgery

    service description:


    Center for a balanced and quality life

    In solving problems and situations, which in most cases are neither simple nor pleasant, we try to consider all aspects of the person, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual, so we would not look the problem ad hoc and / or tried to be solved separately from the whole.

    Honesty, rich work and life experience in many areas, helps us on our way to value human life through its highest value - HEALTH.

    We hope that many people on the path of spiritual and physical transformation, will realize that the power of our conscious mind is immeasurable, but it does so much, that we can change our life for better, for common joy.

    Set ATLAS and improve your life

    Back pain, lumbago, dizziness, fainting, migraines ... are your past.

    Life without pain

    Mushrooms for a stronger immune system and health

    Use mushroom products and improve your immunity, speed ​​up your metabolism, help the pancreas.

    Vocational guidance

    Vocational guidance helps to us and gives us support in making vital decisions like choosing a school, college, profession.
    It can resolve many dilemmas of many parents and children.
    Vocational guidance answers the question whether a person has characteristics that are recognized by the leader, artist, scientist, solo player, a media personality.

    Strengthens and stimulates the immune system
    Beat the flu and colds

    FACE LIFTING Beauty without scalpel
    (Acupuncture FACE LIFTING)

    The most modern methods

    Treatment with leeches to rejuvenate and revitalize the body. For the glamorous look of Demi Moore are used leeches.

    Beauty - naturally

    Beauty in a natural way means natural regeneration, as a process or part of the process that affects to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The aim of natural rejuvenation is to be successful, happy, positive, and to radiate with optimism. To relaxed express your feelings of wonder, worry, fear ... enthusiasm, cheerfulness, happiness... That is why we are with you to live your life fully, joyous.. NATURAL.

    Physiotherapist for feet.

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 011/322-68-26 , 
    • Tel.: 064/551-50-50, 

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alternative branches of medicine
alternative medicine
alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
antistress programme
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    VISIT OUR ON LINE SHOP: www.hobby-dvesmizle.rs

    "Dve Smizle" is a brand established in 2002. We are dealing with wholesale and retail of jewelry of Swarowski elements and materials for making jewelry.
    Creative design, quality and affordable prices contributed to the rapid popularity of "Dve Smizle", experience, impeccable taste and innovative style have led the brand in a position to dictate fashion trends. We are cooperating with many stylists, fashion designers and TV stations. Our jewelry you can see on fashion shows, TV series, movies and theater performances.
    An important part of our company is the production of jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets are made of the finest materials such as Swarovski elements, semi-precious stones, glass, and we use only nickel-free metal elements, so there is no possibility of allergic reactions.
    "Dve Smizle" is successfully engaged in franchising. A number of franchise operations in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, speaks in favor of it, and constantly expanding network of franchises.


    Franchising is the practice of using a successful business model of another company. It can be defined as a right granted to an individual or group that distributes products and services company that provides franchise under certain rules within the agreed areas using its name and logo.

    The main advantage for the franchisee to enter into standardized trade deal worked out in a successful business system.

    Franchise form of business has proven to be very successful. Leads to positive business results than in the case of an independent approach to the market.
    It is a cost effective and safe business cooperation between the franchisee and the franchisor.

    The main reason to take the franchise instead of starting your own business, is that you minimize the risk and increase the chances for success. The survey found that 80% of newly created companies fail within the first year of operations. The reason for such a high failure rate is primarily the fact that the owners need to learn how to run a particular type of business, what means that he have to learn from its own mistakes. On the other hand, the franchisee can immediately make available to their many years of experience.

    "Dve Smizle" offers the following forms of business cooperation:


    Benefits of joining the franchise system of "Dve Smizle":

    - developed technology business and the market has already won
    - reputation and distinctive quality
    - rapid return on investment and safe installation and expansion of the business
    - margin - the difference in price between the purchase and the sale is sufficient for the payment of all expenses and profit
    - training on methods of sales and operations, and training vendors
    - support in the work and management of retail facilities in the expansion of retail business and the opening of new stores
    - most favorable conditions for procurement of goods
    - No seasonal items - the whole range is sold throughout the year

    In our stores and franchises there is no stock of unsold goods. "Dve Smizle" design team is constantly producing new models what makes the offer dynamic and interesting.
    Welcome in our team!


    In the hobby shop of "Dve Smizle" you can find everything what can be necessary for making jewelry, tools, glass and acrylic pearls, hooks for earrings, chain, buckles, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, decorative packaging.. The diversity of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS certainly attracts attention.

    Retail stores:


    Nemanjina 40 - Slavija
    tel+381 (0)11 365 0007

    Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 26
    tel +381(0)11 324 56 31

    Banovo brdo
    Požeška 118a
    tel +381(0)11 254 15 41

    TC "Banjica"
    Paunova 24, lokal 8,
    tel +381(0)11 367 48 18

    Čumićevo sokače, lok 65
    tel.+381 (0)11 33 41 528



    Tržni centar "Bazar" - Novi Sad
    Bul. M. Pupina 1, lokal 1.7
    tel + 381(0)21 42 35 56

    More contacts:

    • Mobilni
      Tel.: 065/300-2-125, 
    • Telefon
      Tel.: 011/35 42 843, 

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bizuterija beograd
components for jewelry
dve šmizle
elements of Swarovski crystals
exclusive jewelry
fashion imitation jewelry
fashion jewelry
imitation jewelry
imitation jewelry Belgrade
imitation jewelry production
imitation jewelry retail
jewelry production
jewelry sale
jewelry imitation jewelry
leather wallets
original jewelry
original jewelry collection
semiprecious stones
swarovski cristal
swarovski crystal wholesale
Swarovski elementi
swarovski production
wallets and bags

bizuterija beograd
components for jewelry
dve šmizle
elements of Swarovski crystals
exclusive jewelry
fashion imitation jewelry
fashion jewelry
imitation jewelry
imitation jewelry Belgrade
imitation jewelry production
imitation jewelry retail
jewelry production
jewelry sale
jewelry imitation jewelry
leather wallets
original jewelry
original jewelry collection
semiprecious stones
swarovski cristal
swarovski crystal wholesale
Swarovski elementi
    Company Info ::::.
    Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10z/IV
    Novi Beograd, 11070
    Tel.: 011/6301-271

    service description:

    Many years of experience in the area of phytopharmacy has made Kirka Pharma one of the leading manufacturers of phyto-preparations and dietary products.
    Supreme quality and design of a vast range of products ensured consumers trust in Kirka.

    Our inspiration
    Natural beauties and wealth of our country.
    Ecologically clean and preserved areas with plenty of sunshine, mountains, thermal and natural waters.
    Richness in forest fruits, remedial herbs with high percentage of active substances growing wild and grown on plantations.
    Very long and rich tradition of using tea and balm in folk medicine.
    Belief in miraculous healing power of herbs and phyto-preparations.

    Tea production:
    a) Production of filter tea
    b) Production of mono-component pharmacy tea
    c) Production of herbal mixture
    d) Production of not packed tea
    2. Production of herbal extracts:
    a) Production of tinctures
    b) Production of composed oils
    c) Production of essential oils
    3. Production of cosmetic formulas and items of general use:
    a) Oil-based cosmetic formulas
    b) Herbs-based items of general use

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    cough syrups
essential oils
herbal teas
medicinal herbs
medicinal herbs
medicinal teas
preparations of medicinal herbs
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Faraway from crowded cities and fast lifestyle, stopped in time and remembrance Ethno eco resort Vranesha is situated. Peaks of the mount of Zlatar with their endless forests, pastures, rivers and lakes keep that perfect peacefulness.

    Complex Ethno eco resort Vranesha includes central three-level building KRUNA of 400 square meters, where restaurant with fireplace, kitchen, terrace, administration offices, conference room, reception, ethno shop are placed, an two exclusive apartments, as separate entities, five bungalows, Ethno Wellness and swimming pool.
    Five bungalows, each of 40 square meters with two double rooms and fireplaces are perfectly incorporated into the ambient of ethno environment. Their position and contents provide extraordinary comfort and facilities in booking, from single room to the whole bungalow.
    Service of quiet, unassertive staff will make you replace the concept of active vacation with a little bit laziness.
    Ethno Wellness, 390 square meters, according its high standards and architectural style is unique in this complex. It includes Russian spa, Finnish sauna, ice cave, tapidarium, massage and light therapy rooms, vital bar. By special warm link Ethno wellness is connected with winter and summer swimming pool.
    Ethno eco resort has its own water source, and for heating of all rooms three sources of heating: under floor heating, radiators and fireplaces are used.
    Exclusivity of the resort is the small number of guests , only 26, professionalism as obliged, educational staff and high quality of service.
    Other facilities includes: fountain, bakery, places for relaxation and socializing, paths of healthiness, ethno exhibition, parking, heliport.

    Five bungalows, each of 40 square meters, comprise two double rooms, equipped with desks, wardrobes and other elements, common bathroom with hydromassage showers, stone sinks, fireplaces, underfloor heating and radiators. The rooms are separated from the hall which comes out on the porch.

    The names of bungalows: Iva, Nana, Kleka, Glog and Neven hide the beauty of mountain flowers and trees from this area and the fragnances of awakening, introducing you into the new day.

    Exclusive apartment White Nights of 90 square meters, capacity of four persons, is a separate entity in central building. It is positioned on the opposite side of all contents. There is a separate entrance in to it. It comprises two bedrooms, one with double bed, the other with two beds, living room and working space, large bathroom with Jacuzzi and hydromassage shower.

    Apartment Romance, capacity of two persons, fully justifies its name according to its romantic look. In the unique unit of 48 square meters the bedroom, living room and bathroom with hydromassage shower are incorporated. Handmade furniture and unusual interior solutions complete ethno eco experience with a view to the decidous forests of the Black peak.

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catering and turism
catering services
conservationist park
ethnic tourism
ethno village
health tourism
hotel Zlatar
Hotels in Serbia
nature conservation
quarters Zlatar
Serbian cuisine restaurant
sport tourism
tourism Serbia
traditional Serbian restaurant
untouchable nature
vegetarian restaurant
village tourism 
villager tourism
villager tourism Serbia
Wellness and SPA centers
wellness SPA centers
wilderness nature reserve
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:



    Spa “Junakovic” is situated at the ledge of same-name Park-wood and 4,5 km far away from city Apatin. Her thermal water is from 700 m deepness and reach temperature upon 50 C. The thermal water of spa “Junakovic” is the same category as water at Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Harkan (Hungary) and Lipik (Croatia).
    A medical therapy involves healing rheumatism of different origins, orthopedics and neurology diseases, gynecology diseases and diseases of the respiratory tract.
    Among complex of 10 outdoors pools, 4 tennis courts there is also indoor therapy pool, 2 finnish saunas and gym, and guests can relax with underwater massage or hand massage (anti-celullite massage, relax, honey and chocolate massage, reflex massage of the heels, scrub marine spa treatment, ayurvedic massage and limf drenage), which is involved with convenient daily and weekend packages. From our offer we recommendig: Gyps Bermudas and Oligoessenthia Treatment of the body with sea-plants.
    Across the Park-Wood “Junakovic” lead on Foot-path of health, and with cycling-paths Spa “Junakovic” is connected with nearby Apatin and Prigrevica.
    Spa “Junakovic” have all capabilities for organizing seminars (2 auditoria’s for 100 persons, with modern AV equipment ), lunches and celebrations (restaurant with capacity for 450 persons).

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body reshaping
fitness centre
fitness program
fitness recreation
gypsum shorts
home nursing
Indian Ayurveda-Massage
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    DCP HEMIGAL was founded in Leskovac on March 22, 1995, with primary activity being the development and production of cosmetic preparations. Founder and owner Živorad Denić, with two employees, began his work in a small rented space. During the years the company has continuously developed and insisted on product quality, detailed and strict internal control and fast and efficient transport of products, thereby achieving satisfaction of end users. Therefore, it became the hallmark of cosmetic production in the region.

    Production program DCP HEMIGAL contains:

    * Products for sensitive skin care, babies and children (ointment, cream, oil, shampoo and bath);
    * Products for care and conditioning skin face and body (cream, milk, lotion);
    * Products for care, cleaning, conditioning and hair design (wax, gels, oils, shampoos, regenerator, hydrogen cream);
    * Phytopreparation with an anti-cellulite properties, for shaping the body (the so-called gels. Cream-gel);
    * Preparations for depilation (custard, wax).

    * Address : Tekstilna 97, 16000 Leskovac, Serbia
    * Phone : +381 (0)16 243 413, +381 (0)16 213 228
    * Fax : +381 (0)16 250 246
    * E-mail: info@dcp-hemigal.rs

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 016/254-131, 
    • Tel.: 016/213-228, 

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after-sun lotion
almonds cream
anti-cellulite gel with ivy extract
anti-cellulite massage oil
baby cosmetics
baby lotion 
baby oil
baby shampoo and bath
body milk
Chamomile regenerative cream
coconut oil
cold wax for waxing
conditioner for hair
cosmetic for children
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

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    apple vinegar
bee products
bio food
black caraway
caraway oil
cold pressed oils
cosmetics essence
diabetes patient
diabetic food
food industry
hazelnut cream
healthy food
herbal butter
natural apple vinegar
natural cosmetics
natural vinegar
olive oil
program for diabetics
pumpkin oil
sesame core
    Company Info ::::.
    JNA 60
    Ada, 24430
    Tel.: 024 571 901

    Other Categories:

    service description:

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    SPA centre
    Surdulička 5
    Beograd, 11000
    Tel.: 011/369-9800

    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Žorža Klemensova
    Beograd, 11000
    Tel.: 011/262-0033

    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Bul. Mihaila Pupina, YUBC 10ž, vp 59
    Novi Beograd, 11070
    Tel.: +381 64 549 68 65
    Fax: +381 11 311 53 64

    service description:

    Order through our Web Shop:

    E-mail: omega@omegacor.info
    VIBER: +381645496865

    Visit our store
    New Belgrade Bul. Mihaila Pupina
    YUBC 10ž, high ground floor, shop 59u

    Novi Sad, Jevrejska 14, local 11 in the passage
    tel. 021 66 22 116 // mob. 065 61 64 343

    More than two decades of experience of our experts has grown into a unique company whose priorities are research and quality of products in the field of quantum information worldviews. Omega is a unique enterprise that deals with quality of life
    in accordance with the latest holistic approach and philosophy, and as such, it has a pioneering role in this region. We cooperate with experts in the EU, America, Canada, Russia and Australia. Omega pays special attention to new technologies and intellectual property. He is the owner of number of recognized patents and possesses European Bisnode Certificate of Quality of Business.


    Detailes / order: Ergo seat


    Detailes / order: Tachyions

    Complete assortment


    you can

    LOOK AT AND ORDER in the

    WEB shop OMEGA alternativni centar

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alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
    Company Info ::::.
    Ivana Broza 10
    Subotica , 24000
    Tel.: 024/523-899

    service description:

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